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The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition - PC





Career Mode! - Progress by winning, earning money, and buying into more prestigious golf societies/clubhouses, facing more difficult competition as you rise to the top

Online Golf Societies - Online clans for you and your friends to compete in, either against each other and/or against other clans. Includes customizable clubhouse to show off status

Compete online in full seasons and major tournaments, either by yourself or with your Golf Society

Full Practice Range including driving range, putting green, chipping green, and Sandbox Mode. Features real-time feedback and stat tracking to help improve your skills

Improved course creator with even more props, tools, and the addition of crowds for a more immersive golfing experience

Video Review The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition - PC

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Experience golf at its finest in The Golf Club 2, available June 27th on PS4. Play thousands of pre-built courses or create your own, compete in dynamic ...

Hey everyone for this review I take on The Golf Club 2 for the PlayStation 4 its also out on Pc/Steam and Xbox One. Golf Club 2 provides endless hours of golfing ...